WTS: US: Cataclysm account x2 80, 1 77 DK, drake leveling gear [all for $125]

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    This is a Cataclysm account with 3 main characters and a variety of other ults. Including a 67 Undead Mage.

    80 Human Shadow Priest has 1.2k gear score + drake flyer + 475 Herb + 475 Alch. PvP + PvE set.
    80 Night Elf Hunter has 1.3k gear score + rare pets.
    77DK has standard gear + 1.4KG. PvP + PvE set.

    This is a good account if you want to level quickly to 85 and have up to 4 85's in the near future.

    I am quitting WoW so I no longer have use for my account.

    All for $125
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.