WTS: US: Cata CE 85 Paladin 85 Rogue 83 Warlock 70 Shaman SC2 +++

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    I'm looking for $$$ or a SLIM Playstation 3

    Now to the account: The games it has on it are:

    World of Warcraft
    Burning Crusade
    Wrath of the Lich King
    Cataclysm (Collector's Edition)

    Diablo 2
    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

    Starcraft: Brood War

    Starcraft 2


    All Characters on account and any more characters will have:

    Cataclysm Collector's Edition Pet (Lil' Deathwing)
    Onyxia Anniversary Whelping
    Pandaren Monk ($10 from Blizzard Store)
    Wind Rider Cub ($25 from Blizzard Store)

    Cata CE also gives 2x special portraits for Starcraft 2. A Goblin and a Worgen!

    Characters on World of Warcraft account include:

    6 Bind on Account HEIRLOOM items!!! 2x Maces, Staff, Shoulders (+10xp), Chest (+10xp), Cloak

    85 Paladin --- (Geared, 3k Resil, Epic Flying, Epic Riding, Dual Spec, Cata-level Jewelcrafting)

    85 Rogue ---(War Bear, Epic Riding, Flying, Dual Spec, Cata-lvl Engineering)

    83 Warlock --- (Epic Flying, Riding, Dual Spec, Cata-lvl Enchanting and Tailoring)

    70 Shaman --- (Flying, Riding, Dual Spec)

    Again, you'll have Cataclysm level Mining, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring, Enchanting, Engineering... There is about 5000g or more already on the account, but money will not be a problem!! =)

    I am the Original Owner with all information and will provide you with ID scans as well as my authenticator!

    Please post here before contacting me!

    Thanks for looking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.