WTS: US: Battle.net account with WoW(85,80,75,63) SC2, WC3+TFT

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    Priest - 3k Gold, 346 ilvl, raid healing set and (noob) pvp set. Herb/Skinning 525

    DK- Just got to Mount Hyjal, has decent gear for leveling, jenkins title, haven't worked on him that much since cata came out

    Lock- Questing in WotlK, has a few titles, the flying carpet mount as well as the AQ40 mount

    Rogue - Has a VINTAGE Sargeant title from vanilla WoW, I've had this character since pre-bc and It's my baby, shame I didn't have time to level it up to 85.


    Gold rank, pretty newb, but the new season just started so you can play without playing against other gold players


    PM me and we'll talk
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.