WTS: US: [B]WTS Amazing wow account, 3 85s, and LOTS of high level alts[/B].

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    Hello everyone, I am about to start college in a month and I need money for it more than I need to be playing WoW. This account is an extremly good account. It has 3 85s, 3 80s, 3 70s, 1 60 and 1 42. The account has about 10k gold on it overall, all of the 85s have epic flying. 3 characters have 450 engineering and 1 of them has 525 mining. All of my characters have flying mounts, except the DK and 42 shaman.

    1st 85, Troll hunter, He is full viscious, 3800 resil. has 525 mining, epic flying and about 6k gold on him. He has 2 rare pets, Sambas, and Karoma. He has almost full 346 heroic gear with some pve epics. Gemmed/Enchanted. About 133k health unbuffed.

    2nd 85, Bloodelf paladin, He is mix Viscious and bloodthirsty, he has 3200 Resil. has epic flying. Almost full 346 heroic tanking gear. No epics so far. but can easily tank raids. Gemmed/Enchanted. About 142k Health unbuffed.

    3rd 85, Dwarf shaman, He is fresh 85, just dinged him 85 2 days ago. He is mostly in leveling greens and blues, like 2 pieces of pvp gear, pvp weapon. has epic flying. 450 Engineering.

    1st 80, Human warlock, He has full relentless/wrathful gear, no epic flying, but does have flying. Great for a leveling character. Gemmed/Enchanted

    2nd 80, Nightelf rogue, He has cataclysm greens, reg. flying, also a good leveling character.

    3rd 80, Nighteld druid, he is fresh level 80 but, has full cata greens, great for healing/tanking another great leveling character.

    1st 70, Human mage, full brutal, 2 pieces of tier 6, all gemmed and enchanted. 450 engineering, an extremly fun lvl 70 twink. Has reg flying.

    2nd 70, Human priest, full brutal, 4 pieces of shadow tier 6, 2 pieces of disc/holy tier 6, all gemmed and enchanted. 450 enginnering, the funnest twink I have. has reg flying.

    3rd 70, Human paladin, almost full brutal for prot/ret and holy. No tier 6, but is fully gemmed/enchanted. also has 450 engineering and reg. flying.

    60, Nighteld deathknight, 42, Orc shaman.

    Also, this account has every BoA in game except Helms, backs, and fishing BoA ring. Can easily level any character you want. Mostly all the BoA is in the rogues bags. Some of it is on the hunter.

    Fell free to message me in case you want anymore details or are offering a price for this account. I am the original owner of this account. Thank you.
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