WTS: US: ASHES OF AL'AR, 85 Goblin Priest, 348 iLevel

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    I am currently selling a WoW account with an 85 goblin male priest on the Greymane US server that is the owner of an Ashes of Al'ar Phoenix Mount!

    The priest's average item level is 348, and is completely raid ready. Its main spec/gear is suitable for Holy and Discipline, and is currently specd disc. There is an appropriate shadow dps set of mid-heroic level.

    Other than the priest, the account has the following:

    84 Female Blood Elf Rogue
    82 Female Troll Shaman
    80 Female Undead Mage
    80 Male Troll Warrior
    66 Female Orc Hunter

    The priest is finished with all Justice Point armor for both holy and shadow, and has the valor point healing ring, an epic pair of healing gloves, and the required reputation for the healing helm enchant. The character is an almost maxxed out scribe, and has the highest level shoulder enchants as well as exalted Therazane rep should you decide to drop the profession. The other profession is a mid 300s JC.

    The rogue is a gatherer and is a maxxed herbalist and a nearly maxxed miner that has epic flying.

    Contact with offers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.