WTS: US: [A]Geared PvP Account, H Pally and Hunter and more

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    All Characters are on a US-PvP server, and can be Xferd to any server
    Hi i am looking to sell a WoW account with the following characters: (Only the most notable characters are shown)

    85 Night Elf MM/BM Hunter –2400 Resilience (Has Maxed JC, and Mining.. Makes lots of Gold) Has Epic flying (lvl 25 Guild)

    **85 Dwarf Holy Paladin** – 3500 Resilience (Has maxed Herb for more G making) Reg Flying Mount
    (lvl 25 Guild)

    74 Night Elf Resto/Balance Druid –( Is levelling mining and herb for being able to farm ore and herbs) also has Epic flying

    63 Gnome Blood DK – ( Has BoA Chest and Shoulders)

    18 Paladin – This character has the name Leeroy, and is the Guild Master of a guild named PALS FOR LIFE. With 2 tab Gbank (This is just a random character made and i actually got the name, and the guild name just a bank alt char)

    These are the best characters on the account, also comes with many other alts.
    Account will be constantly changing because i am constantly playing it
    I am selling this account because graduation is coming up soon and i need to get some money and stop playing WoW.
    This will not be a 30min Process of selling there will be lots of discussion and talking before any official plans are made. So do not make an offer if you are unwilling to take the time to do this.
    Will meet in-game with every character, and provide as much detail as I possibly can.
    I am unsure of a price at the moment so I will take the highest offer.
    If you are interested or need more information please send me a PM or Post below.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.