WTS: US: 4x 85 / Warr with Rares Mounts,Titles 11k+ Achiv P. Full PvP

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    Main caracters is a warrior lvl 85 :

    Details :

    is full Vicious set with all vicious accesories , weapons and everything , is around 4,2k ress pvp.
    pve gear is extremly like 5/5 tier 11 as tank and in rest ... full epics from raids, rep and factions.
    as pve fury same full epics , 3/5 tier 11 average ilvl 359
    11845 achivment points , there are 20 + titles , 100+ mounts , 90 + companion pets , 52 fos achiv.
    extremly rare mounts like deathcharger's reins , winterspring frostsaber , raven lord, ashes of al'ar and the scarab lord event mount (wich appear to be legendary) .
    the most rare titles i think are the next : scarab lord , champion of naaru , knight-captain, the undying, hand of a'dal.
    i have 2 legendary items here : thunderfury and sulfuros , really hard to make.

    Alt's caracters :

    Mage lvl 85
    2x Rogues lvl 85 (Diferent servers) one is Human , other is NE .
    not rly geared this caracters , but they are bloodthirsty combined with heroics items and some like 2-3 vicious accesories items .
    mounts like raven lord , drake from stoncore and others , same not rly rares but are lvl 85 caracters.
    also there are many alt's under lvl 85 :

    lvl 84 worgen hunter
    lvl 84 worged drood
    lvl 80 human warlock
    lvl 74 human female priest
    lvl 75 hunter troll
    lvl 65 shamy orc
    lvl 60 paladin and etc , list is can continue .

    all services avaible for transfers , change names , factions , race and everything.
    i have the account from 4 years and half if i remember exactly . never got banned or anything else.
    i have full details : log , pass , sq+ answer , original keys all , i can make and photo id if you need.

    price is negociable , and starting bid is 600$
    fast way to contact me is via e-mail system : [email protected]

    i wait serious buyers.
    i offer safety and i m able to try all safety ways to do this deal. i just want and you do that .
    thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.