WTS: US: 360Ilevel Holy Paladin Belf, 350 Rogue, 350 Mage++

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    Seeing as my last post had a redirecting problem this one will be a bit shorter due to lack of patience.

    360 Ilevel Holy PvE Blood Elf Paladin. Has 11/12 Normal and 2/13 Heroic achievements. Just needs an Alakir kill for Defender title, half way through Revered for Dark Phoenix, Has a full Ret PvE set with about half epics including the weapon, pvp sets for Ret and Holy, 525 Herb/Alch/Arch/Cooking, with the big battle cauldron recipe and the new fish feast recipe. 16k Gold with tons of herbs and enchanting mats sitting around. ~2500 justice points

    350 Blood Elf Rogue, was mostly my pvp toon this xpac but started late. 2k Conquest points ~1200 honor points. Kingslayer, Rusted Proto (Both got during WoTLK)

    350 Undead Mage, Has about half PvE gear, has done some raids was my pve alt, has some pvp gear too though, ~3.3k gold, ~1500 Valor points

    There is also a 73 Goblin priest that I leveled from the Goblin zone, has Heirloom: Helm, Cloak, Chest, Staff, Trinket the rest is all 70 pvp gear

    There is a 70 Shaman too on a different server with about 800g with full heirloom gear. There is also a 22 hunter with full heirloom gear.

    The 85s all have epic flying, Rogue and Paladin have Masters flying.

    Pictures for the Mage Rogue and Priest are all available on request.

    There is also a full Starcraft 2 account attached to the Bnet so don't offer low please. Serious buyers only, must have rep or be verified as legit some how. Only accept paypal.

    Price: 500-600 Or Best Offer

    Any other questions PM me.

    ( I also have a full collector's edition RIFT account with a 40 Rogue that i'm selling for 60$ if you are interested in that )
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.