WTS: the best gladiator (aion eu) +12 weapon (TAC) ( 1 2)

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  1. Aion

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    Spatalos, asmodian

    Weapon: Tac Officer's Glaive combinated with best arena weapon (2conditioning up) (the weapon is +12 and has silencegodstone) [the best]
    Second Weapon: Coliseum Champion's Flatbow +1 combinated with weapon 50 abys (with six slot of manastone) and nice godstone
    Set: Noble Coliseum Champion's, +2 without Breastplace, but she has many insignie, so you can take it easy ? she has the breastplace of lvl40 elite +10
    (all set, and weapon too, has green manastone)
    Accessory: all Archon Brigade General
    Stately Coliseum Champion's Helm (with 2 conditioning)
    Skin: all balic 50 set skin ? very nice, rare and expensive

    all stigma
    inventory: 235m of kinah with many consumable and exspensibe item (like 5 ench lvl 89)
    warehouse: many weapon (all kind) and some ap item and others

    Expert Eccencelapping 411
    Expert Aethertapping 430
    Master Armorsmithing 502 (with many good design)
    Expert Alchemy 408

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    she has the ANUHART RANGER-SIN PENNA skin

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    (rare, maybe only this charactes in this server has it)

    the account has a ranger 55 full fenris set with korie gold bow

    the accout has 23 months reward

    please no noob offer;
    pay: paypal

    I will give you: pass and user ncsoft and aion, pin too and secret question

    make offer
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