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    Hi,im selling my account cuz i dont have time to play and i need some money,main is sorc lvl 55,with lvl 50 pvp jewels,abyss armor +15,+15,+12,+11 gloves abyss lvl 55,weapon have master noble darkwater (lvl 55 eternal) +10 meged with lvl 50 pvp orb,armor and orb have green manastone HP/MB,also weapon have general godstone (i have another general godstone in warehouse)this account have all stigmas no more money like 20kk but have alot of medals,silver,golden,platinum i have 3kk ap yes 3.000.000 aps rdy for take eternal abyss 55 armor in next month when 2.5 coming. have master alchemy lvl 501,expert essensetapping 451,expert aethertapping lvl 468.
    This account have 4 more toons:lvl 50 ranger geared for lvl 50 dredgion.
    lvl 38 sm geared too,cleric lvl 44 geared, and gladi and chanter lvl 28 with green/blue gear.

    i only listen seriuos offer only,i work alot for this account so if u wanna any info contact by mp.

    this account is elyo in EU server,gl.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.