WTS: Selling lvl 45 SM with 4 alts 30+ 1 25

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    Selling lvl 45 Asmodian SM with decent gear
    Lvl 36 Cleric lvl 31 assassin lvl 30 ranger lvl 30 gladiator lvl 25 chanter.
    I could show the alt gear and stuff if anyone is interested.
    The characters are on Telemachus.
    Got about 299 alchemy 299 tailoring and 299 handicrafting.
    5 Months of veteran rewards.
    That includes friend referal pack that gives AP those items are still intact because I didn't decide which character to distribute AP to.
    15+Mil Kinah and a lot of items worth more.
    Lvl 30 Daevonian Weapon and full Armor that is convertable to every character in the account.
    I know it's not a max lvl account, but it has a lot of half way classes if you'd wanna switch between characters, decent gear and enough kinah to get gear with, crafting is upped mcuh more than halfway.
    The daevonian armor and weapon gives every lvl 30 character best grind armor and weapon there is for lvl 30.
    So if you switch you got gear for every character.
    Also with the account I'm selling NCSOFT 60 days game time card aswell. Expiration date of the card is at the end of this year. :)
    Make me an offer. I accept paypal transfers. If you need additional information about the account I will provide it. Cheers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.