WTS: S> 55 SM, 51 Temp, 40 Sin, 38 Cleric, Lv10+ for*Rng/sorc/glad/chant* **12 Months**

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    Heading to work now, but just wanted to get the attention of everyone.

    All characters are on Israphel.

    The SM/Temp are working on fenris both are on the legs atm. The other slots are well geared.

    SM has ful tree of stigmas + tons more. I went with the infernal blight tree for her. Has about 50k AP atm.

    The templar has about 200k AP. Aslo has a +3 Fused Heavens shattering blade fused with a lv 35 dolan sword for the extra slots for atk etc.

    The cleric is 4 slots of deava set and working on silver coins for a nice mace/shield.
    And also has about 110k ap atm. (I was gonna get her to 45 to farm a amazing money making spot about 5m a hour, I will tell you how to do this if you still wish to keep farming with her)

    The sin is geared well. lv33 expert golds +5-+10 for armor, lv 30 pvp gold rings , also the 18% atk speed sword *LV 40 Expert Noble Adamantium Sword*.

    The other classes are pretty well geared for there level to make leveling with them ALOT easier.

    A few extra golds on hand to use or sell as you please

    SM/Temp Crafts

    210+Essence Gathering

    12 Month Rewards are available for all classes, this also comes with a Shugo lad pet. to apply to any and all characters. and lots of costumes.

    PM me your Msn/Steam for pics of the armory, and also a offer if you have one in mind.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.