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  1. Aion

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    As it says above, i am selling my level 55 Elyos ranger on Vaizel of N/A

    My ranger has a +10 miragents longbow combined with the level 50 non elite pvp bow
    ^ since i didnt need the attack speed
    It has a blind gostone and i like how it works a lot
    Full level 50 abyss accessories Aside from 1 ear ring and belt. the belt is level 40
    Guardian Primus Pilus Hat <- Level 55 abyss hat
    The ear ring i have is a vorpal corundum one.. its not bad..
    Full +10 40 Elite armor slotted with HP

    i have about 73k AP on the character

    It's pretty poor :/ so you will need to get it some kinah it has about 2 mil, i tried to craft a master nanyu bow and went broke over it

    ^ thats not the reason im selling

    I have 399 Essence tapping i didnt feel like doing the expert quest

    like 477 aether which is good enough to get magic aether.. dont need any higher really

    479 Handicrafting

    a few major ancient crowns in my inventory

    i would LIKE to get around $400.00 + For my account but i am taking what i can get at this point

    i also have about 9,000 cruicible insignia's going towards the Tac No's noble bow

    Also have a plastic surgery ticket from the 2.5 update

    If you are interested there are some serious details abut the account i will need to go into with the buyer i hope somebody considers my account have a nice day everybody
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.