WTS: NA - 55 Asmodian Ranger -+10 ABG Bow, Eternal Acc, +15 40E

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  1. Aion

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    Picture of actual char sheet. Char name not included for obvious reasons.

    Acct has 180 Gold Medals for 50E if you so desire. I think that 40e is good enough till you manage to upgrade to eternals.

    Has 10k+ Crucible Marks.

    Char has every stigma available. Both Agonizing arrow and Lightning arrow trees. (hs/gale/etc), all the good stuff.

    Very little Kinah, there is enchantment stones + random fabled weapons I can sell to build the kinah up to 100m+ if you so desire before sell.

    Bow has a decent combine, not the best. Also has a silence GS socketed.

    510+ Cooking, 499 Alch

    Has Fine Recovery Potion design, also can cook Poma Wine Herb Dumplings(gold crit/acc food), Nokara Aether Sushi(gold mb/macc food), Gold MR salad.

    Also comes with alts.

    54 Gladiator:

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    41 SM

    34 Temp

    Original Owner. I have -all- information. can also provide a picture of my ID.

    Middleman service would be amazing. I'll subtract that from the cost that we agree to.

    Just taking offers. Don't lowball the account.

    If you want to know anything else about the account, let me know. Thanks.

    (p.s. Selling because i'm going into the Military. Won't be playing again once I come back.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.