WTS: LVL 55 ASSASSIN EPIC GEAR [Asmodian][Perento]

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  1. Aion

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    Hi want to sell my lvl 55 Assassin Asmodian on Perento.
    Aion Collector's Edition + 15month reward + Fortune Pet + playerup Pet.

    1) 80kk on char + about 30kk in warehouse materials (balic,enchant,stigma shards,fluxes, manastones etc.)

    2) Currently almost 2-star officer + 165kk on ap items in warehouse.

    3) Plenty of silver/golden medals.

    4) Main sword with silence godstone, off-hand sword with paralyze godstone.
    Bow 50blue merged with 30elite pvp with Snare Godstone.

    5) got 2x extendable weapons in bag and a 188dmg godstone on warehouse.

    Expert Essencetapping = 499
    Expert Aethertapping = 400
    Artisan Cooking = 499
    Artisan Alchemy = 499


    Abyss 50pvp armor remodeled with a mix : Anuarth + Lower Udas (RED DYED)

    Abyss 50pvp armor remodeled with a pandemonium dress

    Fenris Pve armor remodeled with Dragonbound set
    (Black Dyed)

    ++ Lakhane's Kerchief (2%pvp def) remodeled with dragonbound mas
    (RED DYED)

    ++ Omega's Hat (pve eternal)



    50pvp + Lakhane:

    40pvp + Lakhane:

    Fenris + Omega's Hat:

    Bonus :

    - Twink Gladiator lvl 43
    with Kromede spear +10
    3/5 lvl 30gold accessory pvp
    gold crafted 33
    10kk kinah about

    - Twink Cleric lvl 38
    with full gold gear craft/drop lvl35
    Elite 30 pvp Chest +10
    10kk kinah about

    /W with offer, only serious
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.