WTS: Infinite Aion (Greed) 55 SORCERER-CLERIC-GLAD-SM-SIN +200kk many SW weap/equip

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    Hi everyone,i sell my account in greed server later about 2 years of game,if i see someone interested i will post all screen of equip and items of all jobs,about price i will acept all offert because i dont know how can work my account i have play this game for fun and have many great stigma storwing equip craft ecc but now i stopped to play for full work and i cant continue if u are interested i never use bot because i dont like,account is rdy for play with new patch 3.0

    U can contact me at email [email protected] or pm here
    about payment paypal or MM

    Now letz talk about account: (race is asmodian)

    5 player

    sorcerer: weapon: storwing jewel+6
    3 peace of storwing equip and other gold
    storwing wings and full great stigma

    cleric: weapon: storwing mace+6 +storwing shield
    3 peace of storwing equip and others golds
    about stigma i need just last greater stigma of 150k ap i have all others

    gladiator: weapon: storwing spear +4
    3 peace of storwing equip and others golds
    about stigma need last

    assasin: this have just all equip gold and some g stigma i use this player for craft i have alchemy capped.

    spirit master: need some work have some gold and blu equip is last player and is in working progress from u if u want!!!!!!

    about khina in cash i have in all 5 player +200kk and many items and stone 90+ that can be sold at good price for another 100kk+

    i have ranger 22 too

    that is all,about screen i will do just if i see some people interested because that take many time for do pics at all equips,stigma,items ecc..i hope u understand me thank you all and take care.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.