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    Asmo sorcerer EU account
    Elite Archon Tribunus Tunic +11
    Elite Archon Tribunus Leggings+7
    Elite Archon Brigade Generals Leggings+8
    Elite Archon Tribunus Pauldrons+7
    Elite Archon Tribunus Gloves+4
    Archon Primus Pilus Gloves+11
    Elite Archon Tribunus Shoes+11
    Elite Archon Tribunus Pauldrons +11

    Fenris Set MB stacked for PVE

    Stormwing's Tome +11 with pvp attack 10% + GS 1890 dmg
    Elite Archon Tribunus Tome +12 Combine with Fenris tome +3780 dmg
    Debilkarim Vorpal Orb (att speed) in warehouse

    Jewels :
    2x Archon brigade generals Earrings
    2x Archonbrigade generals Ring
    Archon Brigade generals Belt
    Archon Primus Pilus Bandana
    Archon Primus Pilus Necklace
    Archon Primus Pilus Ring
    Debilkarim Turquoise Earring
    Ragnarok Turquoise Earring

    Other Things.
    About 800k Abyss relics stacked in warehouse.
    About 120 major abyss Hp pots.
    About 500 greater Abyss hp pots.
    About 600 Greater abyss mana pots
    Alchemy 480
    Tailoring 470
    The account comes with playable time , and soon 24month Veteran wing rewards.
    For additional information Pm me.
    The price 350 euro , I have spend way much time and effort to my account.

    Ps: If you are a paypal scammer scrub, plz dont even bother and gtfo .
    and all free forum bumps are welcome :x
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.