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    Hi guys, due to retraining at uni, I am forced to sell everything as I don't really have enough time to play eve anymore.

    If people are interested, I will go into specifics. If people are not interested but have some idea on worth of either all of it together (preferred) or if i split it, please let me know.

    Asset wise:

    about 1.5b isk total
    Fully faction fitted mach
    billions of faction items
    snake set
    slave set
    all chars with +4s
    endless ships from recons to commands to BS to t3s
    1000s quality items, included lots of faction stuff - rep webs, core c 10mn mwd, far too much to list


    acct 1:
    main: 55m pure PVP, can fly all sub BS ships with t2 fits, -9 sec (was raising it), good killboards, just needs books to fly carriers, vicious character
    char 2: 2msp freighter char with providence

    Acct 2:
    23m SP caldari falcon/cov ops pure pvp (recon 5, cyno 5)
    9 sm SP hulk/orca pilot (with orca)

    Account 3:
    22m SP hulk/orca/jump freighter/carrier pilot with JDC 5 (though carrier combat skills non-existen)

    Account 4:
    14.5m SP hulk pilot with perfect refine
    10.3m SP minmatar recon/hac pvp pilot

    So, any interest/idea on price/etc etc

    Any help greatly appreciated.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.