WTS: EVE Accounts main is 48m sp Caldari Capital and Sub-cap pvp/pve master

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    As the title says I have a couple of EVE accounts the first and most important is a Caldari toon that can fly capital and sub-capital ships. This toon is very effective in pvp as well as pve. I have used the toon in C6 Wormholes, and 0.0 space very effectively.

    I am the original account owner for these accounts!

    If you are interested and have questions skype me by adding chris.shuping on skype. Put in your contact request that you are interested in the account. I can be much more specific if we are talking on skype as there is lots of information you need to know.

    I am willing to use playerup for a secure transaction if the buyer feels the need to do so.

    Noteworthy things:
    Positive sec status and wallet.
    Will come with a decent amount of assets.
    Perfect Missile Skills 11m sp
    Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile Specialization 5 awesome tengu, drake, etc.
    Great shield skills
    Caldari Carrier 5
    7m sp in drones to go with that
    Caldari dreadnaught, and jump freighter plugged in. (obviously can fly freighter too)
    15m sp in spaceship command
    BC 5 Caldari BS, cruiser, frigate 5.
    Logistics 5
    Can use all t2 cruisers.

    To support this awesome main i also have 3 toons all on the same seperate account.
    The first of those toons is my strongest alt 7m sp
    It has basic missiles and the ability to fly drake.
    It is ready to hop in recon ships so he can fly falcon along side your main.
    It has salvaging 5 because your main will be tearing things apart.
    It has solid Planetary Interaction skills.

    The second support toon is a perfect miner exhumer 5 etc. 5m sp

    The 3rd alt is just for pi and is solid at it. 500,000 sp
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.