WTS: EU Elv Pld/War/whm/rdm/blm/drk

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    Account info

    Eu account (made in 2003)
    I still have the original box in storage and can send this out via royal mail.

    Pld,War, whm, rdm, blm, drk

    All expansions

    HP4 MP4
    Atri: 5/5 Str
    Sword: 8 Axe 4 Gaxe: 4 Shield: 4
    Enfeeb/Ele magic 8/8
    Emn+ :3
    Crit rate: 3
    spell interuption: 3
    Warrior: 10/10 full done (5/5 DA)
    WHM: 10/10 fully done (5/5 shell)
    BLM: 10/10 full ice/lightening build
    RDM: 10/10 full para set 4/5 bio 5/5 ice acc 3/5 convert
    PLD: 10/10 full sentinel 5/5 Chiv 5/5 Rampart 5/5
    DRK: LR effect 4 / LR recast 4

    Notable gear:
    Defending ring
    Fire bomblet
    Rav mask +1
    Heca cap
    E body
    Dusk gloves +1
    Rav legs +2
    Homam legs
    W legs
    Rav feet +1
    Creed feet +1
    Homam feet
    Hermes sandals
    Fortitude torque
    Velocious belt
    Loquacios earring (sp)
    Brutal earring
    Aesir ear pendant
    Triumph ring
    Toreador ring
    Ulthalams ring
    Satva ring
    Koenig body
    5/5 HQ staves
    Byakko's legs
    Neuvo body (ACP)
    Creed legs +1
    (Empy Gaxe ready for Glavoid shells) +10 itz Scales

    Server transfer is ready
    looking to get around the 400 mark for this MM at the buyers expense and a good reputation will also help

    Will post SS's in 1 sec
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.