WTS: CE AION EU 33 Ranger Kromede

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  1. Aion

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    I have a 33 Ranger on Telemachus that has not been touched since a month after launch.

    You can see some information here

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    Unfortunately due to the server merge, I lost my name to a level 1 warrior that's never been active..go figure.

    However there are several names on the account that are of value, Immortal, Sadistic, Vixen and more.

    The character has a Kromede's longbow (

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    ) on hand for level 35, and should be equipped well enough to jump right in and carry on.

    There's over 10mil Kina, with gathering and harvesting up over 200. Jewellery is the craft having ability to make items into 35 range. Extra bank slots unlocked and lots of spare materials in storage. There's also quite a few manastones for all types in case you want to beef up a new class.

    Account also comes with 20sh Templar.

    This acount is Collector's Edition and will have the Black Earrings as well as Black Cloud Wings.

    Asking £30

    Please note that I am also after a RIFT account, whether levelled or not - no restrictions, which can be a trade or swap or etc.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.