WTS: 8 Million SP Pilot

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    - no isk ( i think about 60 mil)
    - positive wallet
    - positive sec status
    - 8 mil sp - mostly in caldari battleship / missile launcher / engineering / electronics and drones - can fly a fully and properly t2 fitted raven

    I have been on and off on this account and I wanna sell it. I'll sell it pretty cheap, not looking to make a big buck out of this but more to play my other online games (Rift to be more specific).

    Proof of acc (as much as I can give without compromising the acc):
    image2 (forgot to resize this so I post the url)

    Upon payment I can change e-mail / reset password on account and it's all yours. First offer who matches what I need ( and trust me, it's not much ) gets the acc. I'm also willing to use a middle man if needed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.