WTS: 78+ Million Command Pilot

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    I am currently considering selling the following character, subject to the prices offered.


    Name - classified
    Race - Caldari
    Skillpoints - 78 mill + (mostly combat)
    Assets - 20bn + value
    ISK = 50bn +
    Sec Status - +5
    Caldari Navy standing +9.6

    Ships that can be flown (highlights)
    Gallente Dread lvl 4
    Gallente Carrier lvl 4
    Minnie, Caldari and Gallente HAC lvl5
    Minnie, Caldari and Gallente Command ship lvl 5
    Minnie, Caldari and Gallente Recon lvl 4
    Minnie, Caldari and Gallente BS lvl5
    Minnie, Caldari and GAllente BC lvl 5
    Minne Caldari and Gallente Cruiser lvl5
    Minnie, caldari and gallente marauder lvl 4
    Minnie ,caldari and gallente black ops lvl 1 (jump portal lvl 4) (in training)

    Drones SP 6mill + (spec in gall and minnie, lvl 5 sentry)
    Electronics 3mill +
    Engineering 3mill +
    Gunnery 16mill
    Leadership 5 mill (specced skirmish warfare)
    Learning 2mill
    Mechanic 3.7 mill
    Navigation 4.5 mill
    Science 5.4 mill
    Spaceship command 21 mill +

    (include amongst others)
    Stockpile of modules in Highsec base
    Fleet pest
    Many command ships
    Hacs (2 ishtars deimos etc etc)
    several black ops ships
    Pretty much everything you need other smaller ships
    (the better ships are deadspace / faction fitted, some uber setups with setup mods up to 5bn+ per ship)

    Uses for chracter

    Ideal for -

    Exploration (lvl 4/5 skills)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.