WTS: 55 Gladiator Asmo Full elite 50 & Bakama spear +10 ( Vaizel )

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  1. Aion

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    Hi, im selling my account.

    I have
    240m Kinah
    375k Abyss Point (150k ap+225k item ap )
    33 Platinum Medals
    Quest [Group] Challenge Elyos Generals 0/3 ( Godstone Zikel's Pride )

    Main Weapon:
    +10 Commander bakama's spear combined with Elite archon tribunus's spear+ silence godstone ( best weapon for gla )
    +5 Fenris's spear combined with Archon tribunus spear + paralyzes godstone
    +1 Noble Drazma Bow combined with Archon Squad Leader's Bow + godstone - 5% movement speed
    Dragon Deity General' Dirk (daggger )

    Archon primus pilus's helm, Lakhane's kerchief
    +10 Elite Archon Tribunus's Set lv50 abyss
    +1 Fenris's Set ( Full Magic Resist )
    3/5 Anuhart Gladiator's set (Gauntlet, Greaves, Sabatons )

    Full Archon Tribunus's set lv50 abyss ( Necklace, Ring, Earrings, Belt )
    Kysis Diamond necklace, Pacification ruby necklace, Miren Diamond ring
    Noble crusader's wings
    Essencetapping 415/499
    Aethertapping 499/499
    Expert Weaponsmithing 449/449
    Expert Armorsmithing 449/449
    Cooking 399/399
    Alchemy 399/399

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    Send PM to me with serious offer thx! ( [email protected] )
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.