WTS: 55 Crazy Geared Glad Elyos Vaizel

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Aion, 3/26/12.

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    I will discuss everything this account has to offer in detail with screenshots of each item if needed to serious buyers. I promise this account has everything you could possibly need and 900m kinah currently, will continue to play and see it rise over 1 billion I'm sure before sale.Thanks.

    Ok so gonna update this posting a little bit and add some idea of the gear and stuff this char has on it but trust me there is so much more to discuss to serious buyers.

    - +Noble sky dragon emperors mace with gold damage godstone 376 10%

    - GBG Spear with EC Condi 2 combine with blind godstone

    - Flarestorm dagger with gold damage godstone 188 20%

    - Bakarma's spear with 50e combine with silence godstone

    - Stormwing spear with master drenium combine and para godstone

    - MR EC setup almost at 2200 MR

    - All main weapons +12 and higher enchanted and all gear full with best manastones

    - Beginning of Feb hits 26 month mark, has lucky wings already applied

    - Full plate PVP EC Condi 2 and 40e +14 set for pure dps currently full attack 5's

    - Full SW with EC condi 2 pve helm , 93k crucible insigs one

    - 5/6 gbg acc. with a 55 gold primus pilus on other accessory.

    - deb earrings 2x/ annurati rings 2x omega neck/omega helm

    - 12 true black, and many more dyes from every event

    - Full warehouse and inv space you can get currently

    - Shugo Lad 24 slot pet, also have many 12, a 6, and a 18 slot pet

    - 1/3 general kills completed

    - Plenty of rare skins, helms etc

    - Over 500 weaponsmithing/ 449 Armorsmothing/ 399 Alchemy/ over 495 Aether tapping and over 450+ essence tapping

    -over 80 plats and 600k AP in relics still held and will be increasing this number untill sold

    - as stated before over 900m in kinah and also will be increasing until sold

    - Full Mira set with title

    - Over 90 fortuneer tokens and still increasing until sold, good to exchange for more ap relics, godstone packs, etc.

    - tri spear +10 with silence and 40e pvp combine/ old school weapon just sitting

    - 6 felicitious socketing supplements eternal

    -plastic surgery ticket

    - 7x carved fragments from both asmo forts to use to carve any weapon of choice, this is enough to do one weapon, just need to pick up Ingisson ones and select your weapon

    - Lakhanes Kerchief as well from 50 twinking days, still use for my MR setup

    - if account is purchased before the vetran rewards end can create new characters and apply all the rewards to any chars.

    - Like i said so much to list but am willing to discuss in detail with serious buyers and send screenshots of anything needed. price is negotiable but I know characters sold for close to this price with a fraction of the gear and enchants. This is the character to carry you wheever you wanna go in 3.0, look foward to hearing from all inquiries.

    I would also like to point out I am the only owners associated with this account and never had any crazy violations or suspensions. It is a safe account and my name and info matches all name and info on account.
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