WTS: 51+ mil (Gallente,Caldari,Minmatar)

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    Good drone skills, t2 heavy drones and sentry t2 aswell
    Engineering almost maxed. Electronics also.
    Good gunnery skills for minmatar pilots
    Mechanic doesnt have all t2 rigs but it does many
    Missiles, it can use all t2 launcher except HAMs
    Navagation is good, for dreads
    Science: Got cybernetics on 5
    Spaceship: Can fly gallente t2 ships, caldari t2 ships including t2 BS, Minmatar t2,t3 and t2 BS, Minmatar dreads, recons.

    I am looking for 300$ because i need to get rid of it quick as possible, pm me or write here if you are interested. It comes with some battleships and t2 ships, not quite sure which ones havent been playing

    Thanks !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.