WTS: 47m SP+ Caldari Titan Pilot

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    Gametime left atop: 22 days.
    Characters on account: 1
    Character Skillpoints atop: 47,067,000
    Special abilities: Caldari spec'ed. Caldari Titan pilot (lvl4)

    Asking price: $600, but negotiable

    (Character sheet not updated since titan lvl4 finished)

    Payment by paypal, (verified). Unless paypal account used has a good
    standing, a waiting period for transfer between my paypal and my bank
    account must be had before account details is emailed. (3-5 days)

    This is the 5th account i have sold; no more eve for me
    (Been playing since 2004, and now im married
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.