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    Ok here is an updated sale post now that i have all the character sheets and standings to hand

    Account 1 - 71,208,962 SP

    Can fly EVERY combat ship in game apart from Proteus, Tengu and Legion for which he only need the basic ship skills to fly them( this doesnt just mean sit in the ship i mean he can fit them properly and make the best use of every ship )

    17.9 Million SP in Gunnery alone that includes all supports to 5 and all t2 specs to 4 for every gun in game the only skills missing are capital guns

    26.6 Mil in Spaceship command all frig / cruiser / battleship to 5
    Heavy Assault Ships 5
    Recon 5
    all other t2 ship skills 4

    Prefect loki sub system skills

    Standings of note:
    Caldari Navy 8.22
    Home guard 6.49
    Spacelane Patrol 3.99
    Butor Tribe 3.94

    Account 2 - 65,133,301 SP

    Flys Caldari carrier and dreadnaught with ship skills at 4 and Jump drive calibration at 5 ( Comes with Chimera )

    7.4 million sp in drones

    Perfect and i mean 100% perfect jamming skills along with recon 5

    Engineering is all at 5 apart from the 3 capital skills which are at 4

    11.5 million sp in missiles includes all supports to 5 and specs and citadel torpedo 4

    Perfect Tengu subsystem skills ( comes with a complex fitted tengu )
    can also fly golem very well

    Standings of note:
    True Power 9.92
    Caldari Navy 9.24
    Republic Fleet 6.69
    Mercantile Club 4.29

    Account 3 - 45,347,186 SP

    Gallente Carrier 5, Fighters 5 ( insane isk per hour when farming havens / sactums )

    10 mil sp in Drones

    Jump freighter ready ( JF 4 )
    Just need skill book for rorqual
    Can fly exhumers well with industrial supports

    Pretty decent probing skills
    Also very mean in an Ishtar

    Standings of note:
    Spacelane patrol 2.42
    ( this character was used alot for logisitics hasnt really missioned so it doesnt have many standings )

    I am open to offers on all accounts as a package or individually

    I now have all the information about the characters save on my computer so if u have any specific questions about certain skills or standings i can check them for you

    All main characters are located in high sec or one jump into low sec ( from jumping carrier out of 0.0 ) all have up to date clones and positive wallet balances and sec status

    other characters on account have nothing notable on them they are pretty fresh characters with maybe a bit of the tutorial done

    All 3 accounts have 3000 AUR or whatever it is and all characters have at least 1 neural remap more than likely 2 or 3

    the characters may or may not be in corps at present, if they are its a random inactive ex 0.0 corp
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