WTS: 22.7 Million SP PvP Starter

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    Perfect for Cov Ops and probing!
    Learning Maxed with full set of +5s
    Maxed On Probing.

    She is a very versatile character able to fly from Cov Ops to BCs. ALL LEARNING IS MAXED TO 5 with full set of +5 Implants. Also Has Caldari Freighter to rank 5. She is perfect for that spare character you need to probe out plexs or enemy fleets and with her learning maxed she is ready to be trained for what ever you would need her for in the future and really comes in handy with Caldari Freighter rank 5. She's also great for a starter character. Comes with 9 Fully fitted Buzzard Cov Ops Ships and a second set of + 5 implants for a jump clone when it's upgraded.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.