WTS: 2 chars --- 30m tengu/legion + 6.7m miner pilot

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    I'm looking to sell 2 of my eve chars, so here are their skills and some stuff about them

    tengu/legion char:

    Char has positive wallet, and good standings, is not flagged towards anyone,
    great exploration skills

    Intelligence +5
    Memory +5
    Perception +5
    Willpower +5
    Charisma +5

    General skills:
    Caldari and Amarr subsystems are all at Lvl 5
    Can use T2 Heavy missiles
    Can use T2 lazorz
    Has great exploration skills
    Can harvest gas clouds and make drugs
    Some Planet Management skills

    Owned stuff:
    fitted shiny tengu worth ~3b isk
    fitter shiny legion worth ~1.6b isk
    has various random stuff across some stations

    miner char:

    positive wallet, positive standings, can use most t2 crystals, ice mining L4, great tanking skills
    5days from exhumers L5

    Intelligence +3
    Memory +3
    Perception +3
    Willpower +3

    Owned stuff:
    fitted hulk


    tengu/legion == 250$ (w/o fitted tengu+legion=200$)

    hulk === 50$

    both chars are on same acc, so if u want them both i'll lower price to 280$

    account has around 15+bil isk which is on sale for 270$

    price for full account is 450$

    p.s. isk will be sold only after characters are sold

    pm me if u need some detailed info on chars

    accepting VERIFIED PAYPAL trough GIFT ONLY!! or Moneybookers(Skrill)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.