WTS: 18Mil+ SP Amarr Pilot

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    Selling Amarr Pilot 18,5 Mil SP
    Pilot Current Value is 4,3Bil ISK
    Has normal sec status

    Corp Management 250 SP
    Drones 1.300.000 SP
    Electronics 2.600.000 SP
    Engineering 2.800.000 SP
    Gunnery 5.000.000 SP
    Industry 45.000 SP
    Mechanic 1.800.000 SP
    Missile Launcher Operation 1.200.000 SP
    Navigation 1.500.000 SP
    Science 180.000 SP
    Spaceship Command 1.800.000 SP
    SubSystems 1.200 SP
    SP are approximate because I'm paranoid! lol

    Known Skills:90
    Skills at Level V:30

    2 Remaps
    Re-Customization available
    Comes with an unfitted Abaddon
    No Past

    I'm asking for 120USD or Isk if willing to pay the 20$ transaction fee.
    Paypal verified only.
    Payment will be accepted only if as Gift.

    For any question:
    [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.