WTS: 18+ Million SP Fighter Pilot

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    I have a female caldari FIGHTER ONLY character, her skills include, looking sexy, blowing love you up, and making people cry, none of that wussies science and industry stuff here, 100% guns baby :)

    She can use T2 mimitar cruisers (vagabond/munnin <3)
    She can use T2 projectile turrets of all kind! small/med/large! (with large specialization to IV!)

    She has mimitar BS to V! and in 3 days can fly a fully T2 mimitar marauder! that's some serious ratting power.

    Is she just some character that i bought 4 books for and just trained stuff on? leaving you with a boring crap character?
    -NOT EVEN CLOSE! i played lots and lots and bought every book possible, this is a greatly well rounded character for shooting the love you outta things.

    Here's some pics taken today (12/13/08 ) of her skills in killing love you

    The pics are a little outdated, there from 12/13/08, if your wondering, she now has 3 days till energy grid upgrades is done, will take a pic if you need... but that seems a little unnecessary.

    they might be a little outa order.. but you get the picture..
    as you can tell, no science or industry, or corp management or social, shes a purely big gunned girl.

    His stats are
    Intelligence 16
    Perception 22
    Charisma 8
    Willpower 24
    Memory 15
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.