WTS: 13m SP PvP/Mish toon.

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    Started Caldari, cross trained into gall for rattlesnake.

    Cal/Gal BS 4
    Cal/Gal Cruiser 4
    Cald Frig V
    BC, Gall Frig, Covert Ops 4

    Shield Management, Operation, Upgrades to V
    Electronics, Electronics Upgrades to V
    Combat Drone Operation, Scout Drone, Drone Interfacing, Drones to V

    Can use gallente t2 lights/mediums, could use the other factions with spec books.
    Can fly caldari AF's and covert ops.

    Some probing skills, enough to do most stuff without a problem. Can run 5 PI planets, and command center 4.

    Comes with no assests, no kill rights, positive balance.
    Can use l4 Roden Ship yard agents.
    Set of +3 implants (not including charsima)

    Appraised around 2.8b.

    Looking for 2.5billion. Can email me at [email protected] or PM me here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.