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    Looking to sell an char/acc of mine. The character has 101.5mil sp as of right now.
    Mainly focused towards combat & pvp. Has the skills to fly a mothership perfectly.
    Can fly T2 Gallente & Minmatar & Caldari Cruisers!

    Skill Breakdown
    Combat: 72.05%

    PvP: 38.46%
    PvE: 33.59%

    Caldari: 29.34%
    Gallente: 22.20%
    Amarr: 0.25%
    Minmatar: 20.26%

    Industry: 27.95%

    Mining/Hauling: 12.91%
    Research/Manufacturing: 9.74%
    Trade: 5.31%
    Planetary Interaction: 0.00%

    For a more detailed skillsheet contact me in PM or email: [email protected]
    Plugged into his head are:
    *HG slaves + armor implant
    *HG crystals

    Character has a positive high sec status. Wallet is positive, no assets will be included.
    Pilot will be located in high sec.

    Verified Paypal Gift or Payment Owed only. You must be Paypal verified. If you send me money and its not as a gift or payment owed, it will be refunded and no sale will be made.

    Looking to sell this before the sub runs out. Offers are welcome.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.