US WTS Taru M Aegis(95) 6 Emps, 100 BC ALL Jobs 95 ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

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    Race: Tarutaru M 6A
    100+ Bonecraft (just missing signboard)
    100 Fishing
    all subs 60
    Synergy 60

    AF3 Status

    Here is a google docs chart of all the AF3+2, what all +2 upgrade items, and how many seals.

    Has all major abyssites and Atma's, EVEN PW/AV titles

    Notable Gear:
    Dynamis Sword (stage 3 excalibur)

    Twilight Helm
    Twilight Mail
    5/5 Kaiser
    Armada Hauberk
    Valhalla Helm
    Valhalla Breastplate
    5/5 homam
    All sea torques -justice
    4/5 Heca+1 -body
    Shadow Ring
    Shadow Mantle
    Epona's Ring
    Ares Body
    3/5 Usu -hands/body
    Assassin Armlets +1
    + lots more

    35-40 Jadeshells

    50M in gear

    10M in gil

    About 100M gil all together.

    All jobs are fully merited and capped EXP
    1571 Merits 20/20 merits

    This account also comes with a Taru WHM,RDM,BLM,BRD,PLD (seperate POL ID,same SE ID)
    BLM WHM RDM BRD 5/5 +2

    Pythia sash+1
    Fyglia Torque+1
    Serpentes set

    Also a Elvaan WAR,THF 95 mainly for proccing red and TH'ing (seperate POL, same SE

    and lastly a LV30 Taru F THF with abyssea access (was in the works of leveling for TH Mule, seperate POL ID, same SE)

    Bids starting at 1500$ no buyout set.

    I'll try to post screenshots of everything tonight
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.