US Wts taru f 90 brd, rdm, whm, blm, smn, sch

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    Bought this account from a friend a few days ago but I don't like playing female characters and could use some melee jobs.

    Character: Server transferable
    Size small
    Shantotto hair cut, blonde

    Windy Rank 10
    Zilart, CoP, ToAU, WOTG, shantotto, moogle, crystaline done
    mage gear rewards from each: Shantotto mage bonus pants, tamas ring, etc

    Over 900 merits into the character

    Notable gear:


    Duelist Chapeau

    Orison Mitts +1

    Orison Cap +1

    Orison Bliaud +2

    Goetia Coat +2

    Goetia Gloves +2

    Goetia Petasos +2

    Goetia Sabots +1

    Goetia Chausses +1


    Clerics Mitts +1 (relic +1 hands for whm)

    Defending Ring (King Behemoth drop, used mostly for bard)


    Tamas Ring

    Novio Earring

    Morrigan's robe

    Thats about it.... any questions just ask. I accept all payment methods, prefer WU/Moneygram but will accept paypal or a trade for a similarly nice account.

    All gil has been stripped off account

    Bidding starts at 400 USD buyout at 700
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.