US WTS: Taru F 4x 85+ Nice Mage Account!

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    Jobs: 90 WHM 85 RDM BLM SMN 73 BRD
    Taru Female Face A1
    Orig. owner info available
    Reg. codes available
    NEVER linked to an SE account...
    Transfer Down for 2.5 months

    Dynamis: All Access
    Abyssea - Scars/Vision/Hereos Purchased
    Zilart: Complete
    Promathia: Complete

    Crafts: 100 Bonecraft

    Notable gear:
    Surya's Staff +1
    5/5 RDM AF2
    Orison's Cap +1
    Sorcerer's Petasos
    5/5 WHM AF2

    Merits: All jobs fully merited except bard.

    Rest of the items are misc. stuff that has been acquired over time. Fully geared in the Rare-ex department
    As for as sellables the account is stripped.

    Buyout will be $300
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.