US WTS Mithra 9x90 1x58 full thf AF3+2

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    Main thf(mithra face 5b) account with TH6 all other jobs listed (thf,sam,drg,nin,dnc,rng,whm,smn,war)
    (blm58) are all skill up and ready to player with great gears here the list of gears on the account


    Vermail Bhuj,Erebus'S Lance,Guisame(aug),Kikugosaku,Shirodachi(trial for emp weapon),Vulcan's staff,earth staff,Vision bow

    twilight knife,twilight scyth,Triplus Dagger,Thief's Knife,Raider's Bmrng,Ungur bomerang,Kamome,Hochomasamune,Auric Dagger,Kila+2(agi+9 eva+20),Soulscourge,Pluto's Staff,Ame-no-ohabari,Apollo's Staff


    Ravager's orb,Thew Bomblet,Incantor Stone,Qirmiz Talhlum


    Raid. Bonnet+2,Optical Hat,Deceit Mask,Protective Specs,Ravager's Mask+1,Unkai Kabuto+1<Lancer's Mezail+1,Charis Tiara+1,Varangian Helm,Shunten Hachimaki,Myochin Kabuto,Iga Zukin+2,Orison Cap+1


    Love Torque,Charis Necklace,Chivalrous Chain,Sylvan Scarf,Twilight Torque,Iga Erimaki,Healer's Torque,Jeweled Collar(MND+2 INT+2 Fast Cast+2)


    Brutal Earring,Suppanomimi,Flame Earring,Kemas Earring,Volley Earring,Hecate's Earring,Star Earring,Graiai Earring


    Raider's vest+2,Loki Kaftan,Sylvan Caban+1,Lncr. Plackart+1,Grim Cuirass,Askar Korazin,Rapparee Harness,Ninja Chainmail,AUgur's Jaseran,Twilight Cloak,Noble's Tunic


    Raid. Armlets+2,Ocelot Gloves,Slither Gloves,Assassin's Armlets,Ace's Mufflers,Syl.Glvltte.+1,Iga Tekko+1,Charis Bangles+1,Heafoc Mitts,Koga Tekko,Eradico Mitts,Carbuncle Mitts,Blessed Mitts


    Epona's Ring,Rajas Ring,Heed Ring,Hoard Ring,Spiral Ring,Dark Ring(PDT-4%),Iota Ring,Sirona's Ring,Bifrost Ring,Serket Ring


    Atheling Mantle,Boxer's Mantle,Libeccio Mantle,Terebellum Mantle,Twilight Cape,Orison Cape


    Twilight Belt,Sveltesse Gouriz,Warwolf Belt,Bullwhip Belt,Impulse Belt,Goading Belt,NIerenschutz,Tarutaru Sash(TH1),Diabolos's Rope,Key Ring Belt,Bronze Mog. Belt,Hierarch Belt


    Raid. Culottes+2,Ocelot Trousers,Oily Trousers,Jingang Hose,Ravager's Cuisses+2,Sylvan Bragues+1,Unkai Haidate+1,Lncr. Cuissots+1,Charis Tights+1,Iga Hakama+2,Goliard Trew,Orsn. Pantals.+1


    Raid. Poulaines+2,Rogue's Poulaines,Tritter boots,Ace's Leggings,Tandava Crackows,Rvg. Calligae+1 Charis Shoes+1, Unkai Sune-ate+1,Praeda Sabatons,Askar Gambieras,Hct. Leggings,Iga Hakama+1,Bounding Boots,Serpentes Sabots

    Grip: Uther's Grip,Eisen Grip,Pole Grip,Raptor Grip


    Carabosse's Gem(17),Ardor Stone(1),Ardor Coin(2),Ardor Jewel(1) Ardor Card(8),Balance Card(3),Voyage Card(1),Orthrus's Claw(8),Cirein. Lantern(5)

    note i didnt list some of the crap items
    lots of seal for af3+1 on main and mule
    floor(100) on rune
    all exp are on the account
    bonecraft 72 it come with a other char elvan lv59sam(drg48)Cooking 62
    also the accont come with 3M gils on it + items
    im the original owner of the account have all CD keys

    bid start @600 [email protected]
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