US WTS mithra 10x90s tons of af3+1 your standard account bids start @ $300

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    Account Details~
    Mithra Face - 2 Hair - A
    Transfer is available
    Comes with 200k gil on hand
    Unlinked to Square Enix ID!
    Original owner information available
    CD keys unavailable

    RotZ - The Celestial Nexus
    CoP - Dawn
    ToAU - Undersea Scouting
    Altana - Cait Sith
    C.Prophecy - Ode of Life Bestowing

    WAR90 MNK90
    WHM47 BLM90
    RDM90 THF90
    PLD16 DRK65
    BST24 BRD81
    RNG84 SAM90
    NIN90 DRG71
    SMN90 BLU90
    SCH30 COR31
    DNC90 PUP0


    Varuna's Staff +2
    Rapidus Sax
    Magnus Axe
    Yataghan *DMG: +5 Crit. Hit damage +6%*
    Yataghan *DMG: +7 Crit. Hit damage +4%*

    Raider's Bonnet +1
    Optical Hat
    Ravager's Mask +1
    Goetia Petasos +1
    Iga Zukin +1
    Tantra Crown +1
    Charis Tiara +1
    Mavi Kavuk +1
    Shunten Hachimaki

    Goetia Coat +1
    Iga Ningi +1
    Loki's Kaftan
    Raider's Vest +1
    Bellicus Cuirass *Double Attack +1, Resist Stun +1, Breath damage taken -2%*
    Tristan's Breastplate
    Facio Bliaut *Refresh +1, Conserve MP +2, Divine Magic Skill +4*
    Rapparee Harness

    Tantra Gloves +1
    Charis Bangles +1
    Ravager's Mufflers +1
    Iga Tekko +1
    Literae Cuffs *Spell interruption rate down 2%

    Charis Tights +1
    Tantra Hose +1
    Iga Hakama +1
    Raider's Culottes +1
    Ravager's Cuisses +1

    Iga Kyahan
    Theurgia Clogs
    Tandava Crackows
    Ravager's Calligae +1
    Unkai Sune-ate
    Caller's Pigaches
    Bale Sollerets
    Ferine Ocreae
    Tantra Gaiters +1
    Goetia Sabots
    Raider's Poulaines
    Mavi Basmak
    Charis Toeshoes

    Chrysopoeia Torque
    Caller's Pendant
    Twilight Torque

    Twilight Belt
    Creed Baudrier

    Goetia Mantle
    Cavaros Mantle
    Twilight Cape
    Searing Cape
    Boxer's Mantle
    Terebellum Mantle

    Goetia Earring
    Raider's Earring
    Moldavite Earring
    Diamond Earring *MP +6 AGI+1 Mag.Atk.Bns+2*

    Tavnazian Ring
    Ecophoria Ring
    Novennial Ring 10/10 Charges
    Rajas Ring
    Diamond Ring *MND +2 Resist Silence +2 Spell interruption Rate down 4%*
    Dark Ring *Phys.dmg. Taken -3% Breath dmg. taken -4%*

    Raider's Boomerang
    Charis Feather
    Jinx Discus
    Mavi Tathlum
    Tantra Tathlum

    Unkai Seal: body x11
    Ravager's Seal: body x6
    Charis Seal body x8
    Unkai Seal: hands x7
    Creed Seal: body x5
    Mavi Seal: body x3
    Raider's Seal: hands x6
    Caller Seal: body x2
    Creed Seal: hands x5
    Mavi Seal: hands x6
    Goetia Seal: legs x6
    Savant's Seal: body x3
    Goetia Seal: hands x1
    Lancer's Seal: body x3
    Mavi Seal: legs x2
    Goetia Seal: feet x5
    Bale Seal: body x6
    Sylvan Seal: hands x1
    Lancer's Seal: hands x1
    Estoqueur's Seal: body x2
    Caller Seal: hands x1
    Sylvan Seal: body x5
    Tantra Seal: body x2
    Iga Seal: hands x2
    Iga Seal: legs x3
    Raider's Seal: feet x1
    Iga Seal: feet x7
    Charis Seal: feet x6

    Bids start @$300
    Buyout is set @ $675

    Buyout price includes all HQ staffs sellable items, and 800k gil.
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