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    Masamune lv. 90 version! Start off the next expansion with a bang! There is no doubt that SAM will be top again when we get introduced to the lvl 91+ areas! All jobs are very well geared, SAM gear is perfect! MNK gear is almost perfect!

    Elvaan: male
    SAM90 MNK90 WAR85 NIN85 DRK80 BLU80
    Original owner info available

    All important Abyssites (have almost all of them)
    All important Atmas (have almost all of them)

    2m+ cruor
    240 traverser stones

    All jobs capped merits, 20/20 merits ready to be spent
    All missions finished except WOTG:Sandswept memories
    All expansions completed
    Assault rank: Captain

    PM me with your offer

    Some notable augments:

    All red lined items will be sold
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.