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    Hello, I'm new to this but WTS account and get rid of this game, just turned 18 and need money to get out of here. I have 3 Characters on this account a Hume Male, and Tarutaru Male, and another Tarutaru Male. I have Rare/ex items ive collected from NMs throughout the game such as swift belt and soboro on my taru characters, the 2nd taru is a mule the first is my secondary character. So if your looking for specific items check their inventorys too. All on ragnarok server and world transfer is up. All expansions registered.

    Hume - Rank 6, ZM5, CoP8-2, ToAU4, Nyzul completed. WotG3. Abyssea completed.
    1.6mil gil in all throught characters on the account
    Jobs- WAR95 MNK95 WHM23 BLM71 RDM84 THF95 PLD31 DRK31 BST27 BRD16 RNG37 SAM86 NIN91 DRG32 SMN31 BLU80 COR95 PUP23 DNC58 SCH7
    12/12 HP Merits
    2/8 Attribute Merits
    32/32 Combat Merits
    11/24 Magic Merits
    10/10 Other Merits
    Job merits in Group1/Group2 merits
    WAR 7/10 1/10
    MNK 10/10 1/10
    RDM 2/10 10/10
    THF 10/10 6/10
    SAM 6/10 3/10
    NIN 1/10 7/10
    BLU 4/10 0/10
    COR 10/10 0/10

    Mog Sack and inventory /80, Mog safe /50, Mog locker /80
    All Maws and Tele Crystals,Airship passes, Sword Dagger Gaxe Gkatana Katana H2H WSNM Unlocked, Ascetics Fury, Mandalic Stab, Tachi Rana Unlocked, Most spells, BLM spell list is out of date since level 50 though. All summons but Fenrir, Diabolos, Alexander, Odin, All NIN Spells.

    Mog Safe 29/50
    ClothoOrb ZelosOrb Afflictors AngreHarpe MagnusDagger Isador Wightslayer Ifrit'sBlade TwilightScythe Tristan'sBreastplate BattleGloves SpryGaiters PraedaSabatons SpikeNecklace ThunderBelt BeetleEarring+1 BeetleEarring+1 DucalGuardRing Storageslip03, 04, 06, 08, BronzeBed, WaterJug AdventurersCertificate PrisheStatue Linkpearl(old) ClusteredTar

    Mog Locker 52/80
    Hannibal's Sword Vorpal Blade Brave Blade Joyeuse Immortal's Scimitar Kriegsmesser Magnus Axe Double Axe Franscisca Magnus Toporok Vermeil Bhuj Death Sickle Werebuster Rounsey Wand Vision Bow Quicksilver Bibiki Seashell Animator Creed Armet Heroes Galea Brisk Mask Tokon,Ryoshi,Senshin,Hakke,Saika hachimaki, Walahara Turban, Dobson Bandana, Skopos jerkin, Schutzen Mittens, Inmicus Cuisses, Dornen Schus, Snow belt, Aquiline belt, Anguinus Belt, NierenSchutz, Twiligiht Cape, Tantra Earring, Signal Pearl, Emperor Band, Storage Slip 1, Pearlsack, Linkpearlx3, WAR BLM RDM PLD DRK Testiomony, Forbiddenkeyx45, 1 Briareus Helm

    Mog Sack 80/80
    Apple Pie +1x8, Kamome, Garuda's Dagger, Koruri, Morion Tathlum, baron's saio, Eradico Mittens, Garrison Gloves, Denali Kecks, Sarutobi Kyahan, Magoraga Beads, Jewel Collar, Mohwba Scarf +1. Holy Phial, Mohwba Sash +1. Boxer's Mantle, Red Cape, Traveler's Mantle, Loqacious Earring, Morion Earring, Wisdom Ring Wisdom Ring Storage Slip 2, 9, Shihei, Xzomit Organ, T.M. Endurance, Inoshishinofuda, Collection of +1 Seals and +2 items for AF3+1&2, some are done and ready to be traded some are close.

    Inventory 16/80
    Triplus Dagger, Rapidus Sax, Warp Cudgel x2, Ungur Boomerang, Raiders Bonnet +1, Raiders Vest +1, Dusk Gloves, Raiders Culottes +1, Ballerines, Twilight Torque, Twilight Belt, Atheling Mantle, Brutal Earring, Diabolos's Earring, Blood Ring

    This is taking too long won't list the gear on my second, my taru RDM AF1 tho, Swift belt, soboro, Voyager sallet stuff like that

    AF3+ Gear on Main
    Raiders 3/5 +1, Iga 3/4 +1 1/5 +2, Tantra 4/5, Navarchs 1/5+1, Creed 2/5+1, Bale 1/5+1 these are either in inventory or on storage slip.

    I'd list noteable gear but im tired of listing sorry, just going to have to look through the gear sorry.

    Secondary Character Tarutaru
    RDM 65, BLM 41, BLU 25, WHM 19. All Spells for RDM BLM WHM, havent learned all BLU spells. Noted Phalanx, Warp II, those money spells i have.

    Rank 2
    4/5 RDM Af1, all ele staves, decent gear.

    Listed alot of details since i don't know how to take pics >< nothing too special. got a quote on main character alone for $462 without listing gear missions etc. PM or email me offers, would like to go through paypal. Thank you for going over my account hope to make a good trade.
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