US WTS FFXI Mithra Account 90+x6 with potential bonuses...

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    Hello! I am very new to this site, but since some recent annoyance with FFXI, I've decided it's finally time to be done with it. I understand that since I'm new it might seem risky to deal with me, but I am more than willing to use the middle-man service. I would prefer not to sell without using a middle man, as I don't want to risk losing this account. I will do whatever it takes to make the buyer feel comfortable, also including a in-person phone call if necessary. I consider this a very good account and I have had a lot of memories with it. Well, with that, let's get started.

    I'm not quite sure how to lay this out, but I will list what I find important about the character, so please take the time to read this all if you could. I'll let the screenshots do most of the talking.

    Race: Mithra
    Face: 1B (short brown hair)
    Original Owner? Yes
    Server Transfer ready? Yes, and highly recommended due to friends of mine who would notice me online
    Gil on hand: 1,100,000
    What do I mean by potential bonuses? This account is on a Square Enix account that includes another very good Hume Male POL account and also a new-ish FFXIV account. Will go into more detail later.

    Notable jobs:
    99 Dancer
    99 Monk
    96 Blue Mage
    94 White Mage
    91 Thief
    90 Samurai (long retired and very little to no gear for)
    80 Black Mage

    Sub jobs and other job levels (sorted by job list)
    49 Warrior
    49 Red Mage
    7 Beastmaster
    23 Bard
    58 Ranger
    49 Ninja
    13 Dragoon
    47 Summoner
    49 Scholar

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    Missions Progress
    Bastok Rank 10
    San d'Oria Rank 8
    Windurst Rank 1

    Zilart: Awakening
    CoP: Dawn
    Assault: Very few done, currently on Nyzul 55 I believe
    ToAU: Foiled Ambition
    WotG: Cait Sith
    ACP: Ode of Life Bestowing (never beat final boss)
    Moogle Kupo d'etat: Rescue! A Moogle's Labor of Love
    A Shantotto Ascension: Sugar-coated Directive

    All expansions have been purchased, and here is some of my Abyssea achievements:

    Shinryu is beaten, twilight gear includes Twilight Belt, Knife, Torque

    Current traverser stone stock: 603 (and counting)

    Cruor: Just over 1 million (~1,012,000)

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    Moving on to inventory:
    Mog Safe, Locker, Storage, Satchel, Sack and Gobbiebag all 80/80.

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    Magian weapons/progress:

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    Mule contents-

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    Porter moogle -

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    Spells obtained -

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    Skills -

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    Finally, the added bonus.

    This account is linked to a SE account online, that is also linked to another FFXI account and also a FFXIV account.

    The other FFXI account has only got two mules on it right now. My husband used to have a Hume male on this account who he played along with me. He got upset and deleted his character. We're unable at this time to get his character back, and it came at a time where we are also really hurting for money which is why I am selling my account now. If the character reactivation service comes back up, you can restore his character and that would be a huge bonus in itself. He has a variety of high level jobs also, including 90+ RDM, THF, WHM, BLU. He's got good gear for his jobs. The gear is comparable to what I have, no relic or anything extravagant, but good otherwise. He is probably a bit worse in the gear department than I am, as he works a lot more and doesn't have -as much- time to play, but he still had a lot of time invested into the character. So, if the CRS comes back up I hope you are able to get this account back. I'll help in whatever way I can with whatever information you need on getting this char back. Server transfer is also available for this character.

    Also linked to the SE account is a FFXIV char he played for a short time. He's an Elezen male with a level 40 or so Pugilist. Nothing else notable about this account, but it's a small bonus if you want to play XIV. We didn't really have any friends so you'd be fine with playing on what server we were on.

    So, please bear with my newbness and let me know any important information I have missed!

    Send offers through PM. I'm not entirely sure what to ask in money for this account, but it has a lot of good stuff, as well as the potential of getting the second account back for free when CRS comes back.

    I'd also like to mention - as I said, I am very new at this and right now I'm not sure how to unlink the security token. You could help me through deactivating the token and lose the mog satchel (and I'm not sure what my husband's character's mog satchel has in it currently), or I'm sure we could work out something where I send you the token in the mail?

    I will set the buyout at $500 for now. Maybe that is high but I don't want to give this account away for nothing, I spent so much time on it. Thank you for reading.
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