US Wts ffxi decked 90 ukonsavara war!!

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    Ok.. I MUST quit FFXI. I have to pay for surgery and my job can not do it with my current bills. I will not say the server or the character name due to the fact that I am one of the most famous characters on the game due to but this character has DECKED 90 WAR, COR, RDM, THF, DNC, SAM. SERVER TRANSFER IS AVAILABLE!! For starters I have FULL AF3+2 for WAR and THF. AF+1 for COR and some +2. RDM, SAM and DNC have only a few +1 but still pimp gears. I have around 200+ Abyssea stones. VNM and Trail weapons are: 2 EVA+20 Daggers, 90 Ukon, STR version of +2 Sword and MATK Gun +2. Trials halfway finished for STR Gun and Dagger. This account is 8 years old, never been sold used or logged in by anyone but me. It has a Satchel but the token has been cancelled. I WILL NOT sell this without middleman and I accept ONLY money orders NO PAYPAL. I have sold an account before and then they lie and say there PayPal was hacked and get there money back and keep my account, love you that. This account has been my life for the last 8 years and I WILL NOT love you around with it being stolen. It has never been Jailed or GMed and it comes with a zip via email of FULL JOB WINDOWER MACROS along with a ZIP file of Windower (with Macros), Clipper and Iocaine hacking tools. It has almost all Abyssea Atmas and enhancement KIs. I can send you a screenshot of All KIs including Atmas, Buffs, KIs, Maps and misc KI items. All expansions are maxed and cleared except Wings. This character is almost pretty much MAXED. Comes with 1.3M on hand and 10 Mil + in gil sellables.. The rest is Rare/Ex. I will include a screenshot of all items! If you need more screenshots just ask! I am only selling this because my life depends on it.. To be honest I would rather sell my car.. But love you I have to have it for my job. It also has ALL OP warps for Sandoria and almost all merits are capped. This account is fuckin pimp.. What else can I say. Do not spam me with bullshit offers and like I said Middleman ONLY and YOU pay for it. If I forgot anything or you have and questions please post in this topic. DO NOT PM me. If its that important all viable buyers need to see your question. All I can say is this is a once in a lifetime account. It will not go for cheap.

    Bids start at 1,000.00 USD. I will not sell even to the highest bidder unless I think it is a fair amount for my 8 years of slaving away at SE. All I will say is you can duo ANYTHING with this account with a PL WHM. (Iocaine lets you PL, Craft and Fish bot etc you name it with any character of your pick.) The macros are already done for you. Once you Log in and setup the in game macros for the .txt files your are ready to love you love you up!!

    [EDITED PART LINE] You can see from the screenshot but I saw a few post so adding this in case you miss it. This account also has Eponas Ring, Hecetates Earring and other end game max pimp items. It has everything you could dream of.

    Good Luck Bidders! & like I said NO PMs!! Please make it all public in this post.
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