US WTS Elvan male 90PLD, 90RNG, 90BLM, 75*3 FOR GIL!

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    Selling Elvaan male account
    90 PLD
    90 RNG
    90 BLM
    75 MNK
    75 THF
    75 NIN

    I am OO's brother. He gave me his account when he left for the Air Force.
    Can't afford to pay for two accounts so I'm selling this one, preferably for GIL!
    I will meet you on whatever server you are on to perform the exchange.

    Asking 7m OR BEST OFFER!

    Elvaan male (medium hair 2 face 4)
    Rank 10 Sandy
    Rank 10 Bastok
    Rank 10 Windurst
    RotZ: Complete!
    CoP: Complete!
    ToAA: Complete (CAPTAIN rank!)
    3 mini-expansions; Prophecy, Ascension, and Kupo D'Etat
    WotG: current (visions, scars and heroes of abyssea unlocked)

    Full access to all areas (dynamis, limbus, assault, abyssea, floor 100 nyzul with key)
    Never been world transfered, never been banned, no security token attached.

    3 HP
    5 MP
    5 STR
    +8 sword
    +8 shield
    +4 crit hit
    +4 enmity+

    shield bash +3

    Snapshot +4
    Flashy shot
    Stealth shot
    Unlimited shot recast +4

    Freeze II
    Burst II
    Flood II
    Tornado II
    lightning 5/5
    ice 5/5

    Assassin's Charge
    Aura Steal
    Triple attack rate +3

    Ninja tool expt +2
    Huton: San
    Raiton: San

    Kick attack rate+

    Also has level 70 BLU, 66 DNC, 63 DRK, 50+ war and red mage, others 37+

    95+2 Alchemy
    60 leather
    60 goldsmithing
    60 smithing
    55 woodworking
    50 bonecraft
    12 cooking
    26 synergy
    45 fishing
    chocobo digging delay: 0!

    This account has a Leathercraft mule at 98+2! (60 cloth and 60 smithing subs)


    PLD AF2 5/5
    BLM AF2 5/5 with sorc belt
    THF AF2 5/5 (hands!)
    RNG AF2 4/5 (missing legs)
    NIN AF2 2/5 (hands and body)
    MNK AF2 2/5 (hands and feet)

    Homam 4/5 (missing head)
    morrigans 2/5 (body and hands)
    Ares Breastplate
    Yigit gear 5/5

    various AF2 for SMN and rdm

    Ancille (stage 4)
    Valhalla Helm
    bahamut's mask
    Wizard Petasos +1
    Wizard coat +1
    defending ring
    jelly ring
    crimson cuisses
    crimson greaves
    crimson mail
    zenith crown
    zenith slacks
    gallant surcoat +1
    gallant crown +1
    Ares breastplate
    shadow breastplate
    iron ram greaves
    iron ram hose
    aurum sabatons
    koenig handschuhs
    koenig schuhs
    konig schaller
    bomb queen ring
    intruder earring
    creed collar
    creed sabatons +1
    creed cuisses
    peacock amulet
    ritter gorget
    Atheling Mantle
    omega ring
    iota ring
    buccaneer's belt
    soil gorget
    breeze gorget
    snow gorget
    Sylvan scarf
    rutter sabatons
    walahra turban
    byakko's haidate
    seiryu's kote
    genbu helm
    genbu's shield
    suzaku sun-ate
    optical hate
    Mirke Wardecors (snapshot +5, rng atk +10)
    Pahulwan Khazagand
    Pahulwan legs
    Skadi feet
    shura togi
    shure haidate
    blood fingergauntlets
    sirocco kukri
    parade gorget
    killer bow
    shadow ring
    shadow mantle
    ethereal earring
    moldavite earring
    fenrir's earring
    brutal earring
    tamas ring
    bloodbead ring
    Patronus Ring
    troopers ring
    tavnazian ring
    Altruistic Cape
    Astute Cape
    gleeman cape
    aslan cape
    Merciful Cape
    Resentment Cape
    boxers mantle
    Theta Sash
    Rairin Obi
    Hyorin Obi
    Jupiter staff (ex) with +1int -1mnd
    rostrum pumps
    loquacious earring
    swift belt
    black belt
    fenrir stone
    ungur boomerang
    rapparee harness

    various other limbus upgrades, nyzul upgrades
    199 beastman seals
    71 kindreds

    Please PM with offers!! All offers considered.
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