US WTS blm,rdm,whm,smn,blu,thf -UNSTRIPPED-

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    Final Fantasy XI
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    Never linked to SEID
    Server Xfer Up
    Race: Tarutaru Male ( Face 8 Hair A )
    Mission Progress:
    San D'Oria Rank 6
    Rise of the Zilart - The Sealed Shrine
    Chains of Promathia - Dawn
    Treasures of Aht Urghan - Testing the Waters
    Wings of the Goddess - Back to the Beginning
    A Crystalline Prophecy - Not Activated
    A Moogle Kupo d'Etat - Fin.
    A Shantotto Ascension - Fin.
    Vision/Scar/Heroes of Abyssea - Activated
    Shinryu fight unlocked (The Wyrm God)
    Assault Rank - S Wildcat Badge
    Campaign Rank - Bronze Ribbon of Service
    All summons except Odin
    Fishing 47
    Woodworking 20

    ~Mule Crafts:
    Bonecraft 100 +3
    Leathercraft 60
    Alchemy 58

    BLM90 RDM90 SMN90 WHM90 THF90 BLU90
    RNG41 NIN38 SAM37
    HP 12/12 INT 8/8
    Sword 8/8 Evasion 4/4 Shield 4/4
    Elemental 8/8 Enfeebling 8/8 Blu magic 8/8
    Enmity Decrease 4/5 Spell Interruption Rate 5/5
    BLM: Ice Potency 5/5 Thunder Potency 5/5 Freeze II 5/5 Burst II 5/5
    RDM: Convert Recast 5/5 Ice magic Accuracy 5/5 Slow II 5/5 Paralyze II 1/5 Phalanx II 4/5
    SMN: Avatar Physical Acc. 5/5 Avatar Physical Att. 5/5 Wind Blade 5/5 Grand Fall 4/5 Heavenly Strike 1/5
    WHM: cure time 5/5 protectra V 4/5 shellra V 1/5
    THF: triple attack rate : 5/5 Faint :3/5 Ambush 1/5
    BLU: Physical potency 5/5 Magical acc. 5/5 Assimilation 5/5 enchainment 1/5

    Notable items:
    All HQ staff except water
    Assassin's Armlets
    Morrigans robe + pants
    Ace's Mufflers + leggings
    duelist's chapeau
    Mercurial Pole
    Augur's Jaseran+ gloves
    Macha's Cuffs
    Bodb's Cuffs
    Tatsumaki Sitagoromo ( Haste +3 Movement +8% )
    Lore Slops ( Cure spellcasting -5% Healing magic +3 )
    Karka Ring
    Goetia Chausses +2
    Goetia Gloves +2
    the rest of blm is +1
    Caller's Bracers +1
    Goetia Chain
    Estoqueur's Collar
    Estoqueur's Earring
    Mavi kavuk +1
    Mavi Tathlum
    5 voyage jewel (to get TH6)
    8 Mavi feet seals
    8 Caller's feet seals
    8 Caller's leg seals
    8 Rdm leg seals
    8 Caller's head seals
    6 Mavi leg seals
    AND tons more item that i wont list

    Abyssite:(not all)
    Ivory, Scarlet, Jade abyssite of sojourn
    Azure, Ivory abyssite of celerity
    Viridian, Ivory abyssite of avarice
    Ivory, Crimson abyssite of confluence
    Ivory, Jade abyssite of expertise
    Ivory, sapphire, Emerald abyssite of fortune
    Ivory, Vermillion abyssite of kismet
    Ivory abyssite of prsperity
    Crimson, Ivory abyssite of destiny
    Ivory, Crimson, Emerald abyssite of acumen
    Scarlet, Azure, Sapphire abyssite of lenity
    Scarlet, Ivory, Vermillion abyssite of perspicacity
    Ivory, Indigo abyssite of the reaper
    Ivory abyssite of guerdon
    Ivory abyssite of furtherance
    Viridian, Jade, Ivory, Indigo abyssite of merit
    Lunar abyssite x3

    Atmas(not all)
    Lion, Stout Arm, Allure, Heavens, Baying Moon, Ebon Hoof, Savage Tiger, Voracious Violet, Vicissitude, Beyond, Stormbreath, Thrashing Tendrils, Drifter, Stronghold, Harvester, Dunes, Cosmos, Siren Shadow, Impaler, Calamity, Baleful Bones, Clawed Butterfly, Desert Worm, Undying, Impregnable Tower, Demonic Skewer, Gnarled Horn, Strangling Wind, Mounted Champion, Minikin Monstrosity, Would-Be King, Blinding Horn, Demonic Lash, Avaricious Ape, Merciless Matriarch, Brother Wolf, Ascending One, Scorpion Queen, Burning Effigy, Smiting Blow, Lone Wolf, Crimson Scale, Scarlet Wing, Raised Tail, Omnipotent, Frozen Fetters, Plaguebringer, Shrieking One, Holy Mountain, Lake Lurker, Crushing Cudgel, Purgatory, Blighted Breath, Sun Eater, Wingled Gloom, Sea Daughter, Hateful Stream, Sundering Slash, Horned Beast, Aquatic Ardor, Fallen One, Dread, Ambition, Beast King, Kirin, Dragon Rider, Impenetrable, Alpha and Omega, Ultimate, Hybrid Beast


    PIC'S upon request

    Starting bid:
    $250 USD

    Buyout: not set atm
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