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    I am selling this account for my friend I use to play with him on this account I am sorry I don't have any pictures, but will do my best to explain what this account has. Account is abby ready has all maw warps. Account does have a few good atma I am not sure exactly what the atmas are, but I think there are around 7 or so. I believe account has around 600k cruor, 300-500k gil, 150k dom notes. Character is Hume male with long brown hair. Server transfer is available. Not many missions have been completed on this account I know only 1 more mission is needed to complete rank 10 for sandy. I think about half the zilart missions are completed. Nin, Drk, War all level 90 and pld is 75. Dnc is 45 and i believe Sam is 46 they were leveled for support. Thf is level 48 and I believe Drg is 33. Account has many many merits Drk, Nin, War, and Pld are almost all fully merited. Here is a list of some gear worth mentioning.

    Bale Earring
    Bale head plus 1
    Iga Head plus 1
    Iga neck piece
    Iga Legs plus 1
    Iga Feet has been farmed, but not upgraded
    Nin Chainmail
    Ravager Feet have been farmed, but not upgraded
    Ungar Boomerang

    Starting bid $75 buyout $200....western union only!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.