US WTS 90 War, Blm, Bst, Thf, Pld, Nin, 85 Whm

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    **You may notice there's another thread with this title, well for w/e reason I can't access that thread. All I get is Invalid thread specified. Please contact admin. Which I've done but haven't received any reply. So I'm hoping this one will show up properly.**

    90 WAR, BLM, BST, THF, PLD, NIN, 85WHM
    Elvaan Male, shaggy shoulder length hair.
    Linked to SE Account
    Not OO
    Have SE Security Q&A
    Security Token deactivated.
    All Expansions!
    Server Transfer Up!
    About 200k in gil.

    HP 7
    STR 6
    Dagger 8
    Axe 8
    Evasion 4
    Parry 1
    Elemental Mag 2
    Ninjutsu 1
    Crit Hit 5
    Spell Interrupt 4

    Dble Att 5
    Warrior Charge 1

    Ice 2
    Lightning 2

    Sneak Att. 4
    Triple Att. Rate 5
    Assassin?s Charge 5
    Aura Steal 1

    Chivalry 1

    Reward 5
    Call Beast 5
    Beast Affinity 5
    Beast Healer 5

    Subtle Blow 3
    Ninja Tool 2
    All ?San? Magic 1


    Twilight Knife
    Rapidus Sax
    Guichard?s Axe +2 (Pet Dmg Taken -10%)
    Guichard?s Axe (Pet Dmg Taken -8%)
    Twilight Torque
    Twilight Belt
    Twilight Cape
    Atheling Mantle
    Tristan?s Breastplate
    Assassin?s Armlets
    THF AF3+1 Hd, Bdy, Hnds, Legs
    BST AF3+1 Legs, Back, Neck, Belt
    WAR AF3+1 Hd, Hnds, Legs
    NIN AF3+1 Hd, Legs, Hnds

    Storage Slips for some Relic, AF1, and Regular AF3 gear stored w/ Porter Moogle
    Zoraal Ja Axe x2 (going for 300+k/per on current server)
    Cavaros Mantle
    Glyph Axe
    Nifty Mantle
    Varangian Helm
    Kemas Earring
    Lemegeton Medallion
    Enfeebling Torque
    Nebula Pigaches
    Eradico Mitts
    Sorcerer?s Coat
    Literae Coat (Mag. Att. Bonus +7, Magic Evasion +1)
    Weald Gages
    Sagacity Lappas
    Penitent?s Rope
    Moldavite Ear
    Sorcerer?s Petasos
    Ixion Cape
    Dornen Schuhs
    Inmicus Cuisses
    And a lot more equipment and AF3 seals.

    Evasion Tank and Solo as THF or NIN coupled w/ Cloak & Dagger Atma!
    Evasion Torque
    Scorp. Harness +1
    Scouter?s Rope
    Optical Hat
    Spry Pants(Evasion +7)
    Ungur Boomerang
    Velocity Earring
    Aurore Gaiters


    Cloak and Dagger
    Razed Ruins
    Apocalypse(Shinryu cleared/cheap brews )
    Ducal Guard
    Vorcious Violet
    Minikin Monstrosity(50 Int, Refresh 10 tick)
    Stout Arm
    Sea Daughter
    Mounted Champion
    Impregnable Tower
    Stormbird(Refresh 5 tick)
    Aquatic Ardor
    And other minor atmas suitable for niche situations.

    I am not the OO of this account but I have all the OO info as well as the phone #. I also have the SE Security Q&A. Account also has some pop items for abyssea NMs. $350 is the starting bid with buyout set at $450. WU only, can do MM but at buyer?s expense. No trades or gil offers please. Feel free to PM offers or questions.
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