US WTS 90 Monk 5/5 Usukane, Morrigans Body 87BLM Novio Earring + Gil Unstripped !

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    MNK 90, BLM 87, SAM85, BRD 75, RDM 73 with all pertinent subs,
    Server transfer is up.
    Original Owner; CD keys available by mail upon request.
    Hume Male Brownish-Blonde Spiked Hair


    5/5 Usukane,
    3/5 Morrigans (legs, hands, body) ,
    have all 3 pieces for head and 35,15 for feet,
    Wizards coat +1,
    Serpentes cuffs,
    Oracle Gloves,
    Nashira seraweels,
    Wizards tonban +1,
    Sorcerer's tonban,
    Rostrum pumps,
    Nashira Crackows,
    Oracle's pigaches,
    Cobra unit crackows,
    Hyorin obi,
    Rairin obi,
    Abyssal earring,
    Sorcerer's petasos,
    [/B]Wizard's petasos +1,
    Zenith crown,
    Oracle's cap,
    Goliard saio,
    Morgana's choker
    Sorcerer's belt
    Goetia mantle
    Merciful cape
    Moldavite earring
    Omega ring
    A abj legs
    Sorcerer's petasos -1
    Hollow earring
    Walahra turban
    Genbu's kabuto
    Melee gloves +1
    Byakko's haidate
    Melee gaiters
    Faith torque
    Flame gorget
    Black belt
    Brutal earring
    Aesir ear pendant
    Ulthalam's ring
    Rajas ring
    Soboro sukehiro
    Myochin kabuto
    Askar korazin
    Shura togi
    Saotome kote
    Unkai nodowa
    Swift belt
    Musical earring
    Bard's roundlet
    Choral cuffs +1
    Marduk's shalwar
    Radennotachi (trial 1556 18/30 coins)
    Mantis (trial 74)
    Empress hairpin
    Bounding boots
    X's knife
    6.1 mil on hand
    HQ Staffs
    Novio earring
    Kirin's osode
    Sorcerer's ring
    Roughly 2 million in other Equipment and items.

    This account has been on the same server since its existence. It has a great reputation. It is unstripped and comes with over 6mil in gil. In addition there are way too many pieces of gear to list so I tried to mention some of the notables and put up a couple pics( There is a ton of nice pieces on this account). Also Novio earring and others that can be sold for a premium. As you can see by some of the equipment, this account has a great Samurai and Monk setup as well as Black mage. The bard also has really nice rare/ex gear. I am taking offers at this time and will hope to come to a deal by Sunday. I have already paid the MM fee so there is no risk! Good Luck and feel free to ask any questions!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.