US WTS 80 blm 80 sam taru w/11mil and several good items ( 1 2)

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    Hey looking to sell my lvl 80blm/sam taru. Doesn't have the Heros expansion. Has a little over 11mil on hand and several decent items. Nothing that great anymore since all the new updates
    Jobs that are leveled are
    80 blm
    80 sam
    72 thf
    66 rng
    52 whm

    Original owner but don't have the book anymore, so i don't have the registration codes sorry.
    Looking for best offer and selling at the end of the week unless I get a real good offer up front. Also, the server transfer is up and I never did the whole 1-time password crap so no worries there. If you need pictures or anything just hit me up! Thanks =)
    Oh he is on Asura as well!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.