US WTS 75 whm 93+3 clothcraft account

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    No set price just looking to get rid of it. good luck

    75whm 67 cor 61 nin 49 thf 42 sam
    37 war blm smn 32 rng rest under 20
    capped magic on whm

    merits: max mp 1 critical hit rate 3 spel interruption rate 1 cure cast time 1 devotion 1

    elvan male
    Windy rank 6: saintly invitation
    zilart: ark angels
    Promathia: The savage
    Ahr Urhgan: Legacy of the lost
    wings of the goddes: cait sith
    transfer used on june 6th
    cdkeys and all OO available

    crafts: 93+3 cloth 60 wood 60 cooking 35 leather 24 gold 4 alchemy rest 0

    rare/ex gear:

    Walahra turban
    clerics cap
    empress hairpin
    af1 whm/cor
    dream hat
    magnifying specs. cloth+1

    club of trials
    trump gun
    thf and nin af

    shield: Genbu's shield

    af1 whm and cor
    dream robe
    reverend mail
    weaver's apron cloth+1

    cor af
    ochimusha kote
    whm af

    cor and whm af

    rostrum pumps
    whm and cor af
    bounding boots
    sprinters shoes

    aniversary ring 10/10
    emperor 2/3
    homing ring 27/30

    signal pearl
    tactics pearl

    88 bst seals 42 kindred's seals
    aquarian abj: legs
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.